Files to Download for Exercises

Some of these exercises require files that you can download by clicking on the links listed below.

Exploring What Your AS1 Seismograph Records:

Magnitude Primer
AS1 Examples
AS1 Examples (Answers)

Earthquake Tracking

Excel Spreadsheet for Plotting Epicenters

Recording Sensitivity of Your AS1 Seismograph

Excel Spreadsheet (BC Results)
Excel Spreadsheet for Plotting Data
AS1 Examples (Answers)

Locating Earthquakes

Earthquake Location Exercise from “Spinet”
Another Earthquake Location Exercise from “Spinet”
NESN Stations
Seismograms of Earthquake #1
Seismograms of Earthquake #2
More Seismograms of Earthquake #2

Scale Model of Earth’s Interior

Temperature in Earth’s Interior

Modeling Earthquakes in the Classroom Using a Mechanical Fault Model

Data Sheets


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